Индукция Элмана. Текст на английском

Индукция Элмана. Текст на английском

The famous American hypnotist Dave Elman developed this method of inducing
hypnotic trance. It has gained popularity with hypnotherapists because of its ability to create deep trances extremely quickly and reliably. The method generally consists of the
following stages, interspersed with direct suggestions of physical relaxation:
  1. Deep breath and eye closure.
  2. Deep relaxation of eye muscles.
  3. Eye catalepsy (suggestion that subject unable to open eyes).
  4. Challenge to open eyes (catalepsy test).
  5. Fractionation by repeated eye closure.
  6. Losing the numbers, mental relaxation and test for amnesia.
Elman Induction Script
«As you sit there comfortably, sinking down into that chair and beginning to relax the body, you can just turn your attention to your breathing. Taking a good, deep breath in and holding it now... and allowing your eyelids to fall gently shut as you let go of that breath. As you notice your breathing relaxing... finding a more soothing rhythm, you can just allow the rest of the body to relax, all those muscles becoming completely limp and slack, just like a rag doll.

And as you enjoy the feeling of that relaxation spreading through the body, turning your attention to the eyes. Knowing that for the time being you can relax those eyes so wonderfully deeply that so long as they remain relaxed they won’t want to open. Those eyelids so tired and heavy that they just won’t lift at all... just like they’re becoming tightly glued together, if you can imagine that... in fact, the more you try to see if you can open them, they more tightly glued together they become...

Now try and see if you can open those heavy eyelids just a bit... [pause] That’s good... just relax now you don’t need to struggle anymore to open them...

As you let go... just allowing that wonderful sense of deep relaxation to spread from your eyes down through the rest of your body. And as you experience those subtle feelings of deep physical relaxation, deepening, and deepening... so your mind is relaxing, unwinding, enjoying a pleasant hypnotic trance.

In a moment, to begin really deepening that trance, we can gently open and close those eyes... as I count to three you will open your eyes for a moment feeling a wave of deep relaxation enveloping your body and your mind as you do so... beginning now: one, two three, lifting those heavy eyelids... and three, two, one... letting them fall shut once again, relaxing twice as deeply, ten times as deeply... Repeat several times with interspersed suggestions of trance deepening and relaxation.]

Now that the body’s so deeply, so profoundly relaxed, you can allow the mind to enjoy an even deeper level of trance... In a moment begin counting down from 100, counting out loud, repeating the words «deeper and deeper» after each number. Each time you say the number, each time you say the words «deeper and deeper» your mind becoming twice as deeply relaxed, ten times as deeply relaxed, sinking down into a wonderfully deep trance...
As you do this you’ll find that voice, those numbers, relaxing so deeply that you quickly lose the numbers... lose the ability and the desire to keep on counting down... Beginning now, «one hundred... deeper and deeper...» that’s it, relaxing that voice, twice as deeply, ten times as deeply, losing those numbers... forgetting... leaving them behind... voice becoming weaker... fainter... [Intersperse suggestions of deepening until subject stops counting.]

Letting the numbers fade away... leaving them behind... your mind silent, calm,
tranquil... enjoying the deepest level of trance... Losing those numbers... you just don’t need to do anything else for the time being except sit silently, relax, and enjoy that fascinating sensation of deep trance, deep, deep trance...»

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